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Published: Thu, 20. Jan 2011., 9:07

The Plant Yard Sydney now has acrow props now available for hire

The Plant Yard Sydney now has acrow props now available for hire. They are used in backup formwork for reinforced concrete, raking shores to maintain formwork for columns, walls and staircases, bracing formwork and as a way of briefly supporting work being fixed and for moving loads through a structure following a concrete pour at the same time as the poured slab is curing.

It is imperative that all safety considerations are considered during the formation and the removal of acrow props. These comprise of but are not restricted to correct safety shoes, gloves, and head protection. The removal of acrow props must not be assumed prior to consultation and approval from an experienced person that in fact the props have completed their intended purpose and can be safely removed. Even as they are a fairly simple piece of equipment, attention had better be taken at all times during their installation and removal to evade injury to persons or property.

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